Online Profiles

Got Network? Did you know that four out of five positions in today’s job market are filled via a recruiter’s online social network? Is your social media profile up to snuff?

If you are not maximizing your social media network contacts, you’re missing out. If your personal social media profiles are not secured, you could lose out. (That photo of you drunk in Mexico doing body shots, will NOT help you get hired… TRUST ME.)

Human Resources professionals, recruiters and hiring managers all use social media to find you and to find out about you. Whether you like it or not, hiring professionals are judging you based on what you put online. You don’t want to put forth the wrong impression – especially when you are job hunting.

But… you don’t necessarily WANT to block others or have a private profile. Sometimes having a public profile is good for you and your career. By using my online profile services, we can position your online reputation, skills and abilities to present you in the best light possible.

Are you using LinkedIn? No? I will create a LinkedIn profile that will knock their their socks off, including a professional head shot. If you are using LinkedIn, do you know how hiring managers and recruiters search and utilize LinkedIn to find you? I do! AND, I know how to position you to be discovered without paying for Premium Membership on LinkedIn. (Saving you $29.99 per month!)

Other social media can help and, unfortunately, hurt you. Facebook and Twitter are other means used to find and research candidates. If you are not using either of these, you should start. If you already are, things you post can either help or harm your job search. Do you know the difference between a good post and a bad one? Do you know how to secure your privacy and what your applicant rights are? I do!

Hire me and I will make sure you are helping yourself rather than harming your chances. Check out the Pricing page for more details.