New Year, New You?

So, 2016.  Wow, where did the time go?  If you’re like me, it sped by somewhere in between February and November of last year.  The whirlwind of a new company, a new home and a wedding kept me busy here.  Luckily my job is very fulfilling and my boss is incredibly understanding of all that goes on in her team’s private lives.

How about you?  Is your job fulfilling?  Is your boss understanding?  Are you happy in your current career field or current position?  Are you considering a promotion, asking for a raise or even switching careers entirely?  These questions come up often at this time of year, a time when we are full of new hope for the possibilities in front of us, wanting to shake off the baggage behind us. But before you consider making the jump, consider a current job makeover:

  • Plan for Balance.  Feeling burnt out already?  Overworked?  Use that vacation or PTO balance and PLAN out an extra day off every few weeks and don’t make them Fridays or Mondays!  Experts have found that taking a day off mid-week has not only the added benefit of allowing us to recharge, but also to do those “errands” that we can’t get done on weekends and relieve the stress of them from our minds.  Use a Tuesday or Wednesday off to surprise your kids or spouse with a lunch time visit, or to go get that oil change or your hair styled.  Whatever it is, get out there, enjoy the day free of emails and phone calls from the boss and take back control of your personal life!


  • Get Involved. This can be as simple as making a calendar of activities, projects and events at your current job that you’re interested in, and that will allow you to objectively weigh in on whether or not this job and employer is a keeper.  Who knows, maybe you’ve been missing out on some interesting options and opportunities at work that could re-light your fire.  Are you a Social Butterfly? Join the employee events committee.  Passionate about having a nice workplace?  Ask about opportunities on the Safety Committee.  Want to show off your industry knowledge?  Ask about starting up an employee Brown Bag Lunch series to present what you know and have others share too.  The possibilities are endless – and time at the office should NOT be all work and no play.  You’re human and you work with humans – so be human!


  • Cross Train.  If your boss won’t or can’t give you varied opportunities, ask your co-workers if you can help them (AFTER you’ve got your own work secured).  Everyone likes someone who is helpful and a team player, and who knows what exposure and credit you might get for your skillful contributions. Recognition, fulfillment and promotion don’t come from just sitting quietly and doing the same old thing, you have to stand out!  Just don’t forget to set boundaries and expectations with your co-workers so that you don’t end up doing all their work.


  • Communicate with your Boss.  It also comes down to having conversations.  Not just ranting and venting with peers about how work sucks or is stressful.  You have to communicate with the person(s) who have the ability to “make it happen.”  Set up a time with your boss to objectively talk about what has you demotivated, feeling unfulfilled, stressed out, etc.  My clients have found success by using their resume, highlighting all the duties that they have been assigned and taken on as a tool for discussing expectations, changes and even raises! Many times, if the boss is not hearing from you (objectively, no whining!) then they assume that all is well.  They are human just like you, and can’t read minds. Give them a chance, be objective using a list or your resume and see what plans or changes can come.


If you can do these things, or even some of them, your chances of fulfillment at your current job are going to increase.  However, I also know that the time comes when everything here and other ideas have not worked or do not work.  That’s okay too. If you have reached that point, consider contacting me for some personal career coaching and resume writing services listed on my website.

~ Jessica