The resume is only the beginning. To get “The Job” you have to shine throughout the interview process. Mess up the interview and someone else will be collecting your paycheck.

In today’s market, many candidates face a daunting candidate obstacle course – from the phone screen to the behavior-based panel interview and probably at least a SKYPE interview somewhere in the middle. Are you prepared to run the interview gauntlet with confidence?

I know what companies are looking for and how they evaluate candidates. I can help you blow your competition – and the hiring manager – away with a proven approach based on my knowledge and experience as a hiring manager, recruiter and human resources executive. How many interviews have I been a part of? More than I can remember. But the candidates that impressed the most are the ones that stick out in my mind – even after 20 years.

Step Brothers Interview

Tip #1: Don’t be like these guys. #FreeAdvice

Whether it’s explaining gaps in employment, where you want to be in five years or the crushing pressure that is the team/panel interview, I can help! Are you preparing for a SKYPE interview? Do you know how to prepare, what to wear, where to look and how to “stage” your environment? Again, I can help! I’ve been through the process on both sides of the screen.

All of these challenges are easily addressed and prepared for with role-playing, sample questions and answer coaching in a one-on-one environment (in person or online) in increments of one, two and three hours.

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